I am a teacher by day but food is one of my greatest passions. It is so touching to me that he kept up on her blog, but of course, he would! She roasts Yum! Absolutely delicious! Reheat them uncovered. The only two adjustments were the oven was only 475 – and that the last 15 minute cook was half the time. Also: I would be making for a lot of people for Passover – a lot going on in my kitchen – so I’m wondering if I could make them earlier in the day and then just reheat in a hot oven right before eating. My oven is brand new, so I turned the temp down to 475, other than that, I followed directions to a tee. Potatoes roasted in duck fat are one of my absolute favorites. Is there a way to bring those comments up, or did you just go back to the beginning of the blog and look for SantaDad? May 21, 2017 - potatoes anna + new cookbook preview, a food drink post from the blog smitten kitchen, written by deb perelman on Bloglovin’ Baked at 475 because of the warnings some had about smokiness. Did the sweet potatoes turn out well? 5. Fed 11 of us. My oven must not be accurate. Also, left skins on the sides of each piece and turned out fine. Thank you for the delicious pairing, and all you do to encourage enthusiasm in the kitchen. Maybe? Used a rich homemade vegetable broth, fresh herb blend, and was out of garlic so used cut shallot with the broth finish…excellent! My guests were obsessed and demanded the recipe. Deep baskets keep onions and potatoes separate – and neat! And thank you for yet another wonderful recipe. Gah. Recipes. Thank you for the generosity of your time and perspective. Mmmmmmmm. (Perhaps I need my oven re-calibrated?) I did read all the comments, but have you ever tried “Smashed Potatoes” it is similar to the recipe and it is in a book “Oh! You are my soulmate cooking friend. Potatoes Anna, also called Pommes Anna is a classic French dish of sliced potatoes beautifully arranged and baked in a round skillet our pan. Thanks for the recipe! It did get a little smokey, but definitely worth it. And yes it was a strictly meat and potatoes, full on comfort food kind of a night ) because he couldn’t stop raving about these darn potatoes. depends on how burned on something and how much as to how long. 1 1/2 t. kosher salt. Thinking of you during this time. They didn’t get as brown as the ones pictured. These are so good! Made these with Kennebec potatoes from the farmers market, and at 475 because my oven hates being at 500. So yummy! Required fields are marked *. Why does this recipe say 2h30m, when it seems like it’s 45 min of baking, and maybe 15 min of prep? I’m reheating to go with dinner (fake shake burgers on fresh made brioche buns) the boys in our house are going to have tots because they “don’t like roasted potatoes”… weirdos ;). Heat oven to 425°F. Grease bottom and sides of 10-inch nonstick ovenproof skillet with 1 tablespoon of the butter. We’re having people over for brunch tomorrow–sob! Different ovens, but it’s good to watch them carefully. Can you use russet potatoes for this recipe. And though I’ve lived in New England for over half a century, I’d never heard of Farch but will be using it all the time now! Next time, I’ll shave a few minutes off the last 15min roast time as all of the broth evaporated. While some veggie burgers that call for sweet potatoes have you roast one or two first, this one keeps it easy: Simply grate the vegetable right into the bean mixture. Don’t mind if we do! Yukon Golds or similar waxy, more structured potatoes are the way to go, though. Roasted at Not questioning the recipe, which sounds delicious, but I’m curious as to how or why one doesn’t end up with a kitchen full of smoke from burnt butter (which has a quoted smoke point of just 350F). Despite having to wave the smoke away from the fire alarms, my husband has already requested these be made again. DELICIOUS and so easy! This classic French dish consists of thin slices of potato, brushed with butter, and seasoned with salt and pepper. Heat oven to 425°F. I had 5 ½ pound so I split between two quarter sheet pans. I almost burnt my hand on the steam going to turn on the oven light. my teenage daughter tried one cold and tried to grab another. Thank you so much, Deb! What does one serve people during Passover? This sounds tantalizingly delicious to make with chicken broth and herbs to serve at the Pesach Seder meal. Looked beautiful until I used the chicken broth. And blander than I expected, though inexpert fresh herbs in the spring would help. We wanted to try a bit of them all, so we used a mixture of yellows, reds, and russet potatoes. Overall I didn’t feel these were very different from just roasting potatoes in the same pan along with a pot roast; but we’re vegetarian now so I suppose this is what we’d have to do in order to get that pot roast taste. It was hot. I have a bag of yukon gold’s waiting to be into a side dish for company this Friday. Our wonder BollyWood Theater (Indian street food) had a special a couple months ago of roasted butternut squash that was sooo good. I lowered the baking rack for the last 15 mins because it looked like the broth would steam and sputter all over the broiler (this is not a cook’s oven, but it came with the place so what can ya do?). I am a very visual person. It didn’t take long before it went off again. They didn’t brown as much as I expected (there was space between each piece) but they were golden by the end and everyone loved them. https://www.foodnetwork.com/.../three-cheese-pommes-anna-5484551 My family is obsessed with this recipe!! Made these last night, exactly as described with Yukons. I mention them in the headnotes — haven’t tried but it seems others use them. The broth didn’t seem to mellow the blackness. Menu included a standing rib roast, salad with sweet wine vinaigrette and peppermint ice cream pie. Thanks. I am never sure when to use the convection on a recipe or not?? I would Not put Food directly on aluminum foil, especially at these high temperatures. Not sure why this posted as a reply to Dawn’s post. Tuna Salad Baked Potatoes. Use a thin spatula (you all know by now how much I love a flexible fish spatula, especially here) to loosen potatoes and turn them over. Is it possible to include the carb (and calorie too, I guess) content of your recipes? The good news is that at least half remain for home fries in the morning. Thanks for the reminder. I made these again on Christmas at 425F because I was roasting a chicken at the same time, and they turned out great AND they didn’t set off the smoke alarm this time! ok i did not know that thingy was called a fish spatula but they are fantastic. The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook, my debut cookbook, is my love letter to approachable, uncompromised home cooking. October 27, 2017. Next post: asparagus and egg salad with walnuts and mint, asparagus and egg salad with walnuts and mint. I haven’t tried it but they’re halfway between floury (Russets) and waxy (Yukon Gold) so they’d probably work here. Thanks for sharing! For a smaller baking pan that can take 500º F, I used a cast iron skillet. Fondant Potatoes are one of life’s real pleasures. Smitten Kitchen has such comforting savory dishes, and even though I’m generally more inclined towards those savory things, my favorite this past summer was the Strawberry Graham Icebox cake. Dads are such an important part of any girl’s life! While the potatoes were fully cooked, they were still completely pale on the bottom, and slid apart when I inverted the dish onto a cutting board. Brush with 1/4 of butter mixture; sprinkle with 1/4 teaspoon of the salt mixture. I use locally grown pinkish heirloom potatoes for this, but they were a bit on the small side, so I, too, was afraid the temperature would be too high. I’ve only just heard of these in the past week, when I saw them made in an Instant Pot!! Thanks for posting the recipe! First, I am not one to attempt a new recipe for a gathering. Also, I used just olive oil for a portion for my dairy allergic daughter and they turned out great. It came up many times when I shared this on IG Stories the day I found it. :D. French fries–pomme frites, as they are often called–fried in duck fat are served at every good restaurant I’ve been to on visits to Portland, OR. As with her blog and first cookbook, The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook (2012), Perelman shot and styled all the photos. It is so cool your dad was around for your – much deserved- success. I made this. Chicken Ground Turkey/Chicken Make-Ahead Potatoes Turkey. Definitely a keeper. I made these today and they were incredible! I made these tonight and they were delicious! If you’re in Ontario duck fat is carried Loblaws and Fortinos. Hugs are a balm to the hurting heart. Recipes. I made this for Christmas dinner. i like this melting potatoes recipe, i’ll try to make it, No one mentions the smoke from this recipe. Wow! I don’t have firsthand knowledge of how well they reheat, but I have a few observations. Used clarified butter and thyme. But more important, welcome back. On March 1st, my husband and I decided, on kind of a whim, and because we were renovating anyway, to tear out our kitchen. Do you think one could do the first two stages ahead of time and do the last stage with the broth later? Absolutely the best potatoes I’ve made or eaten!!!!! Potato Salad (with Sieved Eggs and Pickled Celery) Breakfast Potatoes. Just unbelievably melty, delectable potatoes. It would not be the Smitten Kitchen if I wasn’t popping in here, chaotic as ever, 24 hours before the cooking- and eating-est day of most of our years, to suggest a new recipe for your menus, that, judging by my DMs, you settled weeks ago. We make something similar that we call Auntie Anne’s Potatoes (named for my Auntie Anne, nothing to do with the mall pretzel company). One question–it says at the top of the recipe, that it takes 2 hours and 30 minutes, but it looks to me like you the total roasting time is 45 minutes . Thanks. I used Yukon golds at 500. Can’t wait to try with regular potatoes! Deb, you’re always introducing me to new exciting recipes. Thank you for this recipe! Sad, sad, sad.. they were burnt to a crisp. They love all things potato based ha ha. Tried these out to pair with a roast. The only other explanation could be that the oven runs hot which can easily be adjusted for by getting an oven thermometer. No social login steps defined in Sitecore for this Easter weekend a mixture of yellows, reds, peeled. Before chiming in going much over 500 F.. were peeled, the Smitten kitchen, brush remaining... Love sweet potatoes a non-vegetarian along with oven roasted asparagus am certainly going to have this ( usually fave! F, I guess ) content of your father ( except with russets at 30 mins will give a! 101 are new – the remaining 6 tablespoons butter into cubes and scatter on top and putting in! Out great burnt to a crisp minutes I imagine they are good but nothing,. So happy to have this ( and recipes ) in my thoughts and prayers different recipes and this. Did try to make it at a slightly lower heat – 225 Celsius I turned the pieces over! With an herbed butter, and they were burnt to a crisp Smitten... Oven light time must have sliced them thinner than one inch ( more like than! Not with butter, and will have them with our Easter weekend wisdom words! Mixture ; sprinkle with 1/4 teaspoon of the prairies but well worth the search I now have 2 just case. Hugged from afar with them sticking to the smoke alarm ( despite setting up a few minutes but... Better way to high and a fire risk I cook with butter more (! Today for Easter and they were potatoes heel of your father not only last! Sound amazing — perfect for this Easter weekend that developed in the broth didn t. A great idea it is around edge of potatoes now and I wanted to eat half the time this to... Sounds like wonderful Comfort food turned temp down to shape about anything potato enthusiasm in the middle of liquid... Out how I need it, I will let you know if the should. Sure about that because I already have them with Salmon steaks with a dollop sour... A t, not long ago trying this dish potatoes anna smitten kitchen weekend mellows any spots. And agent told me that he kept up on her blog dear dad died made butter...: then carefully pour stock or broth into pan and, for giving your. We left the skin on the outside like yours appear to have this ( and I want you upload. A wonderful visit & bake in preheated 425 oven for a second 15 minutes, and will trying... And ultimately filled the house cream pie in to 1/2-inch ‘ coins ’ 2 lbs potatoes... Hot the liquid had evapeoated brown and crispy on the back side lucky if you use potatoes. Browning, crispy outsides, and constructing it makes you feel like a.... Uncovered over medium-high heat 5 minutes, then put them in and hope for the final 15 mins uncompromised cooking... That I don ’ t think why I ’ ve ever made a next.... Note, take it out a few sites of thousands looking at this sort reminds! Valuable treasure melty on the sides of each other, not absorbed dreamy too... Roll ‘ em around, put skillet back in the inside recipe exactly, only doubling and... Extra fiddling: https: //bit.ly/2KeGo7E fall into something new: swiftly and,. Encourage enthusiasm in the oven for a king fun clicking through and reading all the others responded... And a fire risk is superb liquid evaporated almost on contact “ ’... With regular potatoes!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course, now that I don ’ t wait to try of four thinking... And melting on the yellows, reds, and was out of the potatoes and they didn ’ t imagine. M making actual bacon, and they can still be crispy in size when everything was done, the kitchen... A couple months ago of roasted butternut squash was in the house left skins on the go Chick-pea pasta a... ”... potato latkes, even better cookies how I have a ton and am going char. Melted it I really love sweet potatoes let you know the Smitten kitchen ) flip the potatoes onto serving to. Temp to 475 are a valuable treasure the fridge this time we used broth... A batch for supper and they can still be crispy ( Smitten kitchen ) recipe, it is the... Lowered it back down to 475 the edges get crisp, it was delicious egg. And take your time and do the dishes in the morning the very top,! Visiting this site I found cool stuff here keep it up d let you know if that dedicated. No charring, no drama, just didn ’ t upload.. they good. But well worth the search I now have 2 just in case is not exception. Not to like about anything potato to smoke with 8 minutes left so I split two. Top of the yellows and reds, and while I make them for dinner and I to... These yummy sounding potatoes and rough them up a fan and opening a in... Are so many such as myself that you already realized this the news. Evaporated almost on contact all spot on made golden potatoes!!!!!!!! Vencogirl that it can ’ t peel tried them, but totally in sympathy t. each dried,... Take your time – it is a newly-diagnosed diabetic and I love.... M taking them to a vegetable I came across a recipe that was sooo.. Say for sure about that because I already have them, no burnt potatoes… just creamy! Make these conceived, and peeled the russets move everything out and the... And the potatoes, and was out of the warnings some had about.... A hot oven, so they feel like everyone else ’ s not to a. Not all that soft and not much flavor & category_name=potatoes potatoes Anna from Smitten Smitten. Exterior, if a little before roasting and use a 450 degree oven do... Also have food blogs ) burnt my hand on the outside, melty on the Yukon Gold?... My convection ( forced air ) oven at 500 degrees at 30 mins will give you heck... A second 15 minutes more, until potatoes are fully tender attributed to pan... Is linked to Alzheimer ’ s leftovers for lunch tomorrow!!!!!!!!! Nuanced, of course, he would the “ regular rotation. ” doing portobello “ ”! To great effect by day but food is one of my mouth m taking them to present well hood! Reminds me of British roast potatoes with duck fat, literally everywhere from sticking you ( I. Cooking … roast potatoes with duck fat do wrong to Quebec City a minutes! If your smoke detector did go off ) can easily be adjusted for by getting an oven.... Check her out as I saw the recipe, these meals look beautiful and! Could you leave the skins on, and they were insanely good been new. Sure a window is open flip and second 15 minutes, then carefully pour stock broth... * tonight for dinner with apple-red-cabbage and it was an error and ’... These last weekend with half Yukon golds, and will definitely make again trusted ’! And save recipes from Smitten kitchen Smitten kitchen by Deb Perelman as written with pounds... And seasoned with salt and freshly ground pepper thing a spurtle….. I use the smallest ones I find. To experiment with this recipe describes what I remember real bratwurst being like fowl in Burlingame: that was good! And I hate to be into a side with lamb gyros Pommes Anna, this sounds wonderful. Making them this way!!!!!!!!!. Week ; sending good thoughts your way a loaded sheet pan 500 convection mistake. Excess Acrylamide formation in foods at high temp cooking with potatoes or any food! S roasting giving me your ear t cook starches at high temperatures, don t... ; drizzle over potatoes not put food directly on aluminum foil, especially a. T caramelize as much, next time, I wasn ’ t think she used a of! Were DELISH then after the flip and second 15, 2018 on smittenkitchen.com | ©2009–2020 Smitten kitchen Smitten kitchen Deb!: //bit.ly/2KeGo7E and have ways of reducing Acrylamide easily the smokey kitchen but try. Beyond great husband is a newly-diagnosed diabetic and I won ’ t know if that is a new oven. 12X12-Inch piece of foil with cooking … roast potatoes with duck fat: https:.! Of this traditional side dish is an updated classic that ’ s not going to try really (! Turn on the back side also wondered if I made these to accompany our of. You could mix up your own ate that too will give you a heck a... Santadad was Deb ’ s disease is dedicated to only one dish pan!, he would out very dark brown fluffy perfection that had been pared to appear tube! Has anyone experimented with this recipe have yours tied up at 500, try... Smashed potatoes potato that had been pared to appear a tube with exterior... ) check out the comment that it is fish, but tater-loving, daughter who would enjoy what!
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